Artist Teams for Symbiotic 2019

Autumn N. Brown with Haley Bell, Julie Clark, Audrey Gleason, and Courtney Segrest

Dan Harris with Jonathan Good, Aim Krasaetanont, and Michael May

Beatriz Mayorca with Erica Hopper and Kau’i Kanahele

Mandy Messina with Eric Eastland and Alyssa Howery

Kelly Rogers with Jasmine Jones

Amy Sanders with Carrie Kouts and Cassandra Good

Joe Slack with Ryan Davis and Gabbie Wright

Lead Artists

Autumn N. Brown

Using multiple artistic approaches, artist Autumn N. Brown explores the quiet moments of life. Those fleeting minutes that have passed many of us by. For years she has struggled against the main stream current that rushes through this life. Yet by creating art, and through her art’s content, she is finding that the slower, down-to-earth version of life is more appealing.

Dan Harris

Dan Harris is a studio potter and arts educator.  He received his BFA and MFA in ceramics from the University of Oklahoma.  He teaches art at Irving Middle School in Norman to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.  Dan also engages with the community as a ceramics instructor in his private studio in Norman.

Beatriz Mayorca

This Venezuelan-born fine artist and interior designer has lived in Oklahoma City since 2005. She graduated with a degree in Social Communication from the Central University of Venezuela, but her passion for the arts and design made her seek a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma. As an individual studio artist, she has obtained many awards and recognition for outstanding development, such as her recent 2017-Artist Invitational Award granted for Downtown OKC Partnership (DOKC), giving her the opportunity to create functional-public artistic pieces installed in the heart of Downtown OKC this past April. Also, she has been awarded with the Most Outstanding Hispanic Artist 2014 Award and 2016 AHAS Awards in Wood Category from the Academy of Handmade - LA California. She is also part of the Oklahoma City's Pre-Qualified Artist Pool 2017-2020 in Mosaic Art, Functional Art, and 3D Art categories.

Mandy Messina

Born in Nababeep, Mandy Messina is a South African artist, living and working in Oklahoma City. They graduated from the University of Cape Town (Michaelis School of Fine Art, 2009) with a major in Sculpture. Messina is an interdisciplinary artist exploring ideas around Systems and the individuals' role within such apparatus. Current projects focus on the disruptive capabilities of fiction - specifically, alternative histories.

Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Oklahoma City. Her foundational work in painting has informed her subsequent bodies of work in various media, including printmaking, bookbinding, ink & brush drawing, embroidery, and fiber arts.  Kelly also works as a crisis line operator, where a large part of her role entails bearing witness to stories of loss in moments of crisis. Her current studio work is a series of embroidered tapestries that explore the impact of trauma and the true grit of human survival, collectively entitled Tales of Woah.

Amy Sanders

Amy Sanders is a visually impaired, Colombian-American artist.  Life experience, culture, and heritage are major influences in her works, particularly as most of her pieces deal with place, identity, and time. As her vision slowly deteriorates due to a genetic disorder, Amy uses her art to question, examine, and define her evolving identity. Amy received her BFA in Filmmaking from the University of Oklahoma and spent the following few months completing an artist residency in Northern Italy.  She currently works out of a studio in OKC and occasionally teaches art classes at Studio 222.

Joe Slack

Joe Slack is a full time wood and metal sculptor working and living in Oklahoma City. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art from Oklahoma City University. His work is inspired by primitive art and midcentury modern design. Joe has many public pieces which can be seen throughout Oklahoma.


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